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Importing Goods from China? Smaller companies has an advantage!

Plus 7 helps to either get your goods produced in Asia, without fees, royalties – and frustrations. We help to solve the challenges in your supply chain – or we offer to produce your products as your preferred supplier. This, at a very competitive price – as our wide supplier portfolio only consists of factories. This means, no trading agencies, no middle-men or export agencies. Are you looking for a partner you can trust in price and quality? Call us to learn more. We would love to help you bring your product to life, and to help you import your goods from China.

Heidi Larsen, founder of Plus 7, is used as China Expert by Danish TV2NEWS, DR Radio, JP, Politiken and most branch magazines. Further, she is the winner of the European Championship in JCI World Public Speaking Competition 2013. Book a speak through or +45 81710707 The book is available as English ebook at Amazon. For a Danish version of the hard copy go to shop.

Whatever your request, it’s our passion to help companies to do business in Asia. It is possible to build frustration-free relationships to your suppliers! Call us to learn how we could help you get more time to do what YOU love.

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  • Heidi is a very energetic thinker, who vividly shares her often creative ideas and perspectives around dynamic supply chains. She has an extensive practical experience from visiting factories around the world and a deep understanding of the cultural reality at the factory floor level. Those two aspects combine to make Heidi a most interesting and inspiring speaker on global supply chain topics.
    Dr. John Gattorna
  • With her easy to understand language, the author describes all aspects of the Chinese business culture – the book is a must for the businessman, the supply chain manager, the tourist, and all of us with a great interest and love for China.
    Jane Korgaard, Citizen of the world, has a daughter living in Shanghai
  • I had the great pleasure of listening to Heidi giving her speech Supply Chain vol. 3,0 at Network Denmark Asian group. It is clear that Heidi has some unique competences within this field, and it is very interesting to hear her describe her models used to optimize end smoothen the supply chain procedures as well as quality control when doing business in Asia. Further, Heidi has an excellent cultural understanding, and she for sure knows how to achieve success in China.
    Annette Dahl, Managing Director, C3 Consulting
  • The author shares her great passion for Asia and cultural business behavior in an fresh tone, and using her own experiences for explanation the book is a pleasure to read. It’s an excellent tool not only for the businessman travelling in China for the first time, as it takes you through seeking, finding and establishing the good corporation with an Asian supplier, but it also eliminates the myths and misunderstandings occurred in the business relation. This book ought to be found at each desk, if not by each bedside – as it is never too late to really understand the true meaning of “guanxi”.
    Barbara Rombach, International B2B consultat
  • With her infectious enthusiasm, Heidi Larsen shares her experiences on how to avoid the biggest mistakes and achieve success in China. Using every-day-life examples collected from her many visits to Asian factories, she shares her tips from the book (easily?) MADE IN CHINA! On how to optimize the business corporation and remove the frustrations. To everyone with interest in China, I can give her my warmest recommendation.
    Bodil Islann, Business Consultant, Holbaek Business Forum
  • Under the title “supply chain vol. 3,0”, Heidi gave her interesting view on the future supply chain, and how we could use cultural business understanding to achieve great benefits from the Danish-Asian corporation. I can recommend her speeches to anyone with Chinese interface or simply interest in Chinese business corporation.
    Thorkil Christensen, CFO, Novo A/S
  • Heidi is special. She has with great interest visited numerous Chinese factories, and learned to understand procedures in a practical way. With great enthusiasm and even greater passion, she has overcome most barriers and dealt with challenges in China better than most businessman, who often go to China with a more half-hearted interest. She has achieved remarkable insight in Chinese business culture, mindset and the life of the Chinese workers. Continuing on her path, she can help even more Danes and Danish companies achieving great success in China. Best of luck to Heidi on her path. For hers and our sakes.
    Finn Steffens, Direktør, AIS Language
  • This book is written in eye-level of the reader, using a direct language. Seen through my eyes, having dealt with China for many years, this book is very interesting and relevant reading. It gives extra inputs, and raises questions like “are we using our experiences in a structured manner”?
    Christian Helweg-Larsen, CEO Mansart Design
  • Thank you for a very vivid and inspiring speech yesterday – you where super and easy to understand in English!
    Steen Mølbye Jensen, Handelsbanken
  • “Im convinced that we would have hit the Great Wall of Frustrations and might even lose confidence in our idea, if we had not handed over all communication with the suppliers to Plus 7. Plus 7’s local presence in China has given us a clear idea about what´s going on at the factories, which has been of great importance to us.”
    Anne Schwartzbach, CEO and founder of Pakong
  • My frustrations are gone! Before entering a corporation with Plus 7, I was often in doubt if the suppliers really understood the importance of the appearance; if the supplier and I where on the same page? Did they really understand the detail and the big picture? These questions are all gone – as well as my frustrations!
    Line Pil Andersen, CEO and founder of Mind of Line
  • It’s passion darling” is really what describes Heidi Larsen and Plus 7 the best. Plus 7 are really committed to sourcing and masters great talent. Plus 7 are really helpful, and have saved me for a lot of time and money!
    Thomas Fogt Jensen, CEO and founder of Crossbag Aps
  • Heidi Larsen’s makes cultural behavior practical, using her own experiences and observations. Moreover, she uses ready to use tools, all contributing to establishing the good corporation between different business cultures
    Mr. Verner Worm, Professor of Chinese Business and Development
  • I will start by thanking you for the tips and tricks that I have received through your newsletters and videos and especially in the book (easily?) MADE IN CHINA! It’s really key knowledge – and I could for sure have used that knowledge one year ago!
    Martin Moose, CEO and founder of Season Import
  • Thank you for writing (easily?) MADE IN CHINA! It’s really easy to use, and very exciting to read. A very useful encyclopedia and I have already learned a lot! Thank you
    Linda Roegen, Purchaser