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Doing Business in China? Smaller companies has an advantage!

Case A: Client: 1-man band (agent). Job: Setup production of a designer item

“The reason I use Plus 7 is not to make the product cheaper. It to make sure that I don’t have to worry about anything from I place the order to delivery at my doorstep, knowing that all deadlines are kept – and that the price is reasonable”. He is an agent, and his core purpose in life is to sell all kind of home décor goods to his clients. He has extensive ‘Asia-supply chain-knowledge’ but he would rather focus on selling more quantities than lying awake at night wondering how and when to he will receive his goods – and in which quality they will be delivered. Plus 7 handles everything from design brief, to approval of sample, to production and QC – and we even help to custom clear the goods, so that the client just has to open the door and sign for delivery.

Case B: Client: Fashion Company around 60 employees, turnover 6 mil EUR. Job: Production (process-) Optimization.

“The somewhat 1,5 million EUR that Heidi found on the bottom line speaks for itself. We had never found this money ourselves – and this even by shortening the design timeline”. This company is – as many other Danish Fashion companies – family owned. They are highly experienced – and talented within design, trends and material. The Supply Chain had been driven ‘business as usual’ for far too long, when I started this project. I do not have a magic wand, but by looking at the Supply Chain from a distance – without being infected by ‘business as usual’ I was able to use my Supply Chain Skills in combination with known best practice – and a bit of logistic effectiveness to find 500.000 EUR within the 1st 6 months of the project – and in total almost 1,5 mill EUR after 1 1/2 year.

Case C: Client: Local Chamber of Commerce. Job: Motivational Speak at the General Assembly

“It was a great pleasure listening to Heidi’s inspiring speak at our General Assembly. I am sure that even though most of the delegates are experienced business people, everyone could take away learnings and insights from her highly motivational presentation.” About 150 participants listened carefully – and many of them were kind enough to ask for my card afterwards. Hope we will stay in touch and that I could help even more in the future!

Companies are anonymous, but direct references can be given upon request.

Heidi Larsen, founder of Plus 7, is used as China Expert by Danish TV2NEWS, DR Radio, JP, Politiken and most branch magazines. Further, she is the winner of the European Championship in JCI World Public Speaking Competition 2013. Book a speak through or +45 81710707 The book is available as English ebook at Amazon. For a Danish version of the hard copy go to shop.

Whatever your request, it’s our passion to help companies to do business in Asia. It is possible to build frustration-free relationships to your suppliers! Call us to learn how we could help you get more time to do what YOU love.


Some companies are very big, some are still getting there. Some like to design, some like to sell. Some like to get the best prices – but all agree that what they don’t like is corporations filled with frustrations and missed deadlines. That’s what Plus 7 can help you to remove. We can help you in three ways:

  • Counseling. We hold your hand and guide you through an isolated project, maybe you would like to implement a Cost Breakdown or maybe you would like to have your product Quality Inspected. All projects are solved on your behalf, and the relationship is between you and the suppliers.
  • Trading. We sign, seal and deliver the goods to your doorstep. Plus 7 offer to produce and deliver the goods in your name, and to deliver your products to your warehouse. No frustrations attached. Either you are looking to solve your isolated project and then take the wheel, or you would like to simply open your door to receive your products while you have been doing something else, we will together find a solution to your frustration that matches your needs..
  • Hire a buyer – and fire yourself!. Frustrated at having to spend your precious time to follow up on your suppliers? Sending several emails with new issues that were not clear in the first mail? Do you discover missed deadlines – too late? Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your time on the tasks you love? Designing new products or promote and sell the products that have already arrived from the suppliers? We have extensive experience dealing with suppliers – so why not let us at Plus7 take all the hassle and the daily contact with our supplier? If you do not have a supplier already; we can also help you find a supplier as a sourcing project – and then you can use our “Hire a buyer”. With this solution we do all follow-up, clarification and updates – and report directly to you. You commit to 6 months. After the first 4 months, the agreement may be terminated with only 2 months’ notice to the end of a month. Our passion at Plus7 is exactly purchasing and keeping close contact with suppliers thus supply chain management. So eliminate the hassle – and let us remove your daily frustrations!

Maybe the quick solution will be to just open the door upon delivery – but maybe the best solution would be to help you clear customs yourself in the future. It all depends on your future plans and needs. Maybe the solution YOU are looking for is something in between – and then we find a way for that to work. Call us to find the solution that matches you best!