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Do you want to get my tip? Hear the stories of what I did wrong – and more importantly: what I learned?

Trading with China – For Real!

You want to have your own products manufactured in China and import the products to Denmark. It is quite simple, isn’t it? But how and where in China to find a competent Chinese producer? How to negotiate the price, product specification, packaging, quality control, payments and delivery time? And how to ensure that the Chinese producer will honour the terms of business that you seem to have agreed to? How to negotiate and sign a contract – that is workable in the day-to-day business? And what about protecting your IPR? How to develop, strengthen and ensuring the business cooperation, and how to deliver feedback without damaging the relationship?

Heidi Larsen will tell you all and more in this “hands-on” lecture which brings you deep into everything about commodity production in China. You will take with you valuable tips and useful insights on how to avoid the most common pitfalls and how to further develop – and succeed – with your productions in China.

(easily?) MADE IN CHINA!

Sometimes you have to kiss many frogs to find the real prince! And he must go so horribly many trials through before knowing whether he is worthy of the princess and half the Kingdom!An entertaining and empathetic speech for those already taking the first steps towards production in China, and who is experiencing more challenges than they had dreamed of in connection with their cooperation with the Chinese. Heidi tells from a cross-cultural perspective on recent trends in international trade – and how to turn a negotiation situation to your advantage even as small Danish Fairytale country!

(easily?) MADE FOR CHINA!

Who would not like to get their hands on the growing Chinese rich and affluent middle class -? But how? In Heidi Larsen’s new upcoming book (easily?) MADE FOR CHINA! Heidi explains if it’s best to market adapt your European products, or to brand them as Scandinavian design in China. Her book is the result of hours of interviews with the best in the industry – and Heidi summarizes a number of do’s and don’ts based on the – entertaining – stories from Chinese shops.

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